"Violin Solo" by Cesar Velev

The French Embassy and the Omani French Museum “Bait Fransa” presented Cesar Velev on the 6th of April 2011.


Cesar Velev performed in the patio of Bait Fransa. He played some of the most famous masterpieces: excerpts from "Scheherazade" by Rymski Korsakov, "" The Swan "by Saint Saens, Bartok Romanian Dances, Ravel’s" Bolero "...

Cesar Velev is a French violist. He was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and grew up among an artistic family. Cesar Velev started his career as a Violist with the Sofia Radio Symphony Orchestra and as a soloist in the Bulgaria Chamber Orchestra.
His sensitive artistic appreciation to the chamber music enabled him to create his repertoire which includes different recitals for Violin, Piano, and Chamber Music. Cesar Velev made several artistic tours to Cuba, Italy, and Germany…
He gained the patronage of France and got its nationality that encouraged him to enrich the music of his new country.
In France he practiced violin in Opera du Nord (Lille), he is a professor at the American School of Paris and the National Conservatoire “Niedermeyer” d’Issy-les-Moulineaux, besides his reputation as a soloist in the Chamber Music.

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