The Lycée Français de Mascate

The LFM is part of the international network of the Agency of French Education abroad (AEFE). The establishment is under agreement with the Agency and is certified from kindergarten to grade 12.


The French School in Muscat welcomes students from different nationalities, from age 3 until grade 12. Our students present the official exam called Brevet in grade 9 and the baccalaureate in different fields whether science or socio-economic.

Since 2015, the school has been at its new premises near Muscat Hills in Airport Heights. We have available new and modern equipment that fits the needs of teaching French as well as the teaching of English and Arabic from kindergarten.

Our professional team follows the objectives set by the AEFE: leading each student to achieve excellence, allowing each one to aim for an ambitious course choice in the French or International higher education systems,encouraging collaboration and exchange as a result of the existence of more than 25 nationalities as well as contributing to the standing of the French culture.

The primary priority of the educational team is to help students grow up in a "positive context respectful of the values of respect and solidarity", to become the responsible citizens of the World of Tomorrow, to develop their autonomy in giving them confidence in the future and in themselves.

More information on the website of the French School in Muscat and on its Facebook page


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