The 14th of July. [fr]

In his speech, H. E. Roland Dubertrand underlined the will of the President of France and his government to strengthen French-Omanis relationships, especially in cultural and technical cooperation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for attending this reception to celebrate our National Day, commemorating an historical event, the storming of the Bastille. As I just took office as the new French Ambassador, this reception gives me the opportunity to first contact with the French Community, but also our closest Omanis partners and the diplomatic corps. Because I have not presented my statement of credential to His Majesty Sultan Qabous, we decided to welcome you here at the Residence on a more restraint format and less formal than usual.

Let me tell you a few words about my mission. French-Omanis relationships have been maintained over a long time: from the implement of the French East India Company in 1660, the friendship treaties of 1807 and 1844, the opening of a full-time exercise consulate in 1894 to the first ambassador nomination in 1972.

On this occasion, I wish to testify that France is definitely willing to strengthen his friendly and old relationship with the Sultanate of Oman. We wish to work in close cooperation with you to reinforce our political dialogue, our military partnership and our economic exchanges. The strategic position of the Sultanate of Oman and its restraining influence in the region can nothing but encourage us in this way, as a common interest for the security and the stability of the Indian Ocean and of the Middle East. Our cultural and technical cooperation, as well as the promotion of the French language, need to be renovated too. This is why the French-Omani Center, the French school in Muscat but also Baït Fransa Museum, one of our privileged partners, would have a crucial role to play. You have to know that the French authorities are currently committed in attracting more Omani investments and more Omani students and visitors in France. In consequence, we have now concrete measures to facilitate the delivery of visas for the Omanis nationals.

To finish, I would like to give my regards to the French assembly partly gathered. You are the cutting edge of our action in this welcoming and wonderful country, that is among our most reliable friends. The Embassy and I would always be at your disposal to support you and to work together for our bilateral relationship. I would like to express my warmest thanks to Airbus and Veolia, whose the generous contribution made this reception happen. Thank to them and to all of you for your presence.


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