Oman through the ink

The exhibition "Oman trough the ink" by Corine Pagny opens to the publuc from Saturday to Wednesday
16 may till 23 may 2010
9 a.m to 3 p.m

Corinne Pagny :

My movement through mountainous and arid landscapes of Northern Oman accompanies the line of Djebels’ abutments.

My eye follows the horizon line which unrolls a long dancing thread on an empty and clear sky, sliding on crests’ convolutions

Nude and rocky mountain gives to my eyes a monumental presence full of rhythms, graphic designs, contrasts, a primordial palette with grey, bistre and sepia…

I want to express its horizontal strength, the long unwinding of its summits, the way air and light dwell in the mountain and bring life to its reliefs and texture, digging chasm of shadow and stressing its sunny sides.

My tools, my palette, my papers contribute to the mountain’s expression in its abstract beauty. My work has been realized in the foothills of these mountains, sheets of paper in the sun which were uncoiled on the stones. It sometimes aroused passers-by curiosity who stopped and stared at it for a moment, discreet and polite witnesses daring to ask kind questions. Maybe is there a little of their glance and a little of their soul in those landscapes that I like and which are theirs.

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