Learning French in France

If you would like to learn French or perfect your level of French in France, why not come to France and take lessons in total immersion in the language and culture ?

Short stay or long, in Paris or in any of the regions, as a total beginner or with a specific target, there are any number of language centres able to offer you the solution that meets your needs.

French for university studies

Courses in French for university studies are designed to meet the needs of non-French speaking students. Their aim is to perfect and extend both general and specific knowledge, in French, of the university discipline the student wishes to pursue. These courses are often supplemented by courses on the methodology of university studies.

For students, this is an opportunity to pursue higher education in their chosen discipline at universities and post-graduate schools in France and French-speaking countries.

The directory of centres awarded the "Qualité FLE" label

The directorylists 94 centres in France recognised by the “Qualité français langue étrangère” (FFL Quality) label, awarded jointly by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Ministry ofHigher Education and Research and the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

The directory helps to promote those centres that have voluntarily engaged in a quality compliance programme, and is an invaluable resource for professionals responsible for promoting studies in France and, indeed, for anyone seeking to plan a real pathway to learning French in France.

The information in the directory is provided by the FFL (French as a foreign language) centres themselves. The CIEP should point out that this information might change over the course of the year, in particular as regards course descriptions and fees. Potential students should therefore contact centres directly for the latest information when registering.

To find out more :
- The directory can be consulted online at the following address : www.qualitefle.fr
- Full information on the "Qualité français langue étrangère" label is available on the website : www.labelqualitefle.org

Dernière modification : 24/11/2014

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