France mobilized against death penalty

The death penalty is not justice; it is the failure of justice. The death penalty is not a useful instrument in the struggle against criminality. The loss of human life that it causes is irreparable and there is no legal system that is not subject to a judicial error. The recourse to the death penalty is not just a simple political instrument against crime; it is a violation of Human Rights.

As committed men whose names are associated with a cause exist in each country, states committed to universal struggles within the community of nations exist as well. Each of us knows that we owe the abolition of the death penalty to Victor Hugo, Albert Camus or Robert Badinter. Today, France occupies a special and acknowledged place within the states involved in the struggle against the death penalty.

The abolition of the death penalty is a highly symbolic cause that recalls the universality of Human Rights. The global awaking of consciousness in favour of abolition progresses on every continent, regardless of the type of political regime, the level of development or the cultural heritage.

Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affaires decided to extend this struggle by mobilizing the French diplomacy everywhere in the world for a campaign for the abolition of the death penalty.

You can find enclosed an interactive map of death penalty in the world: interactive map

On the field, each French embassy, and particularly the Embassy of France in the Sultanate of Oman, is mobilized. By general procedures or in favour of individual cases, to recall France’s opposition to death penalty, at all times and in all circumstances. By organizing events, lectures, projections, debates, everywhere where the capital punishment is still carried out, in the aim of supporting the campaign and the actors committed to the abolitionist cause.

France leads a further action in addition to that of the civil society. Our action spreads everywhere in cooperation with those of foundations or NGO’s involved against death penalty. By setting the course of universal abolition, beyond that of the moratorium, France shows its high ambition for Human’s Rights in her external action.

A determined action in international enclosure: United Nation’s resolution on a universal moratorium and the Council of Human Rights. Within the United Nations, France promotes the adoption of the biennial resolution of the General Assembly calling for the instauration of a universal moratorium on death penalty that will be again submitted to a vote at fall 2012. At the Council for Human’s Rights, France seizes each opportunity to urge all the states implementing death penalty to abolish it.

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