Exposition "Memories of an instant"

The French artist Neyb will exhibit his paintings at the French-Omani Center (Centre franco-omanais, CFO) from 12nd of June until 26th of June. Neyb is living in the French city of painters Pont-Aven since 2000 and owns an art gallery in this city. He exposed his pieces of art many times in France and abroad.
The exposition called “Memories of an instant” will be the last of the cultural season at the CFO before summer.

When the instants of beauty and colors are dancing in my head, when the noises don’t reach my ears any more, when my eyes don’t see anything from the outside, when I feel almost breathless, when my fingers are only guided by a dream, everything is plenitude, I am painting” (Neyb)

Dernière modification : 05/11/2014

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