Eclipse and revival

At the end of the first World War, France is now well established in Djibouti and closes down its consulate in Muscat (1920), transferring its responsibilities to the French consulate in Bombay. The good relations established between France and the Sultanate of Oman are holding, but they will loose their substance for the next 50 years.

Bilateral relations take a new growth after the accession to the throne of Sultan Qaboos Bin Said on July 23rd 1970 and the affirmation of a genuine will in opening and developing Oman. The French ambassador in Kuwait is accredited to the Sultanate from 1972, and two years later, in January 1974, the first resident ambassador settles in Muscat.

This revival of the French-Omani relations quickly results in the establishment of an extensive cultural and technical co-operation. The founding in 1974 of the French Omani Centre (CFO) as well as the Cultural and Technical Co-operation Agreement of September 29th 1979 show the will to maintain good relations between the two countries.

A few years later, this co-operation will be strengthened by new agreements, such as the one of December 19th 1982 emphasising the economic co-operation. Since then, the two countries have expanded their technical co-operation to numerous areas being, at present, the irrigation, water resources, geology, the Civil Service, tourism, health, archaeology, engineering, ... Moreover, the joint economic and industrial co-operation commission set up by the agreement of December 19th 1982, which takes place with the joint cultural and technical co-operation commission, significantly contributes to the follow-up and the strengthening of the co-operation.

The official visit of Sultan Qaboos to France, from May 30th to June 2nd 1989, was the opportunity to reaffirm their attachment to their common friendship. The state visit of M. François Mitterrand in Oman, from January 28th to the 30th 1992, allowed him to inaugurate, along with the Sultan, the French-Omani Museum in Muscat, devoted to the relations between the two countries. A remarkable implementation, so much by its elegant aesthetic as well as for the symbolic power that emanates from it, Beit Fransa testifies of the long-lasting French-Omani friendship. It was also during this visit that the new buildings of the French Embassy gathering the chancery and the residency were unveiled.

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