Defence attaché

Defence Attaché : Commander Olivier SOLADAINI
Armament Attaché: I.C.E.T.A Alain GIRARDET
Defence Attaché’s assistant: Chief Warrant Officer Hugues Crance
Translator: Mrs. Marwa Hussein

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    Defence Attaché’s responsibilities:

    The Defence Attaché is at the disposal of the Defence Minister and is responsible to the Armed Forces Headquarters.

    Under the authority of the Ambassador, he is at the head of the military mission and co-ordinates its actions.

    Under his tasks :

    The Defence Attaché supports, makes known and justifies the French Defence Policy; he promotes the capability of its armed forces, its activities and its equipment.

    He is the military advisor of the Ambassador; he assists in prevention or crisis management campaigns.

    The Defence Attaché promotes and leads the bilateral military relations. He is in charge of the military co-operation or assistance actions towards the French-Omani military relations.

    He works for the promotion of the French industry of Defence, as well as for the development of the armament’s co-operation

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