Presentation and chronological account

The extensive and long-lasting history of the relationship between France and the Sultanate began in the 17th century. From the very beginning, it was set under both French influence and commerce in the West of the (...)
  • Eclipse and revival

    At the end of the first World War, France is now well established in Djibouti and closes down its consulate in Muscat (1920), transferring its responsibilities to the French consulate in Bombay. The good relations (...)

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  • The Omani Empire and the Colonial Period

    From 1814 to 1840, France retook a foothold in the Indian Ocean, and relationships were re-established, this time between Muscat and the Bourbon Island (Reunion). In the 1840’s, Oman was at the height of its (...)

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  • The Revolution and the Empire

    However, the French Revolution in Paris set the mutual development of the two countries back. The French were preoccupied with other matters, and business was not followed up. The project to appoint a resident (...)

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  • First contacts under the Ancient Regime

    The first French-Omani contacts go back to the 1660’s, when the merchant ships from the Indies Company trading with the Persian Gulf put into Muscat’s port, one of the best trading places of the region.
    Muscatis had (...)

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